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Course Outline

All You Need to Know


Unit 1:

Introduction to Java

In this topic, we'll be looking at different variables and data types (primitive, object, etc.) and print statements.

Unit 2:

Conditional Statements and Loops

In this unit, we'll be discussing if, if-else, and else-if statements, while and for loops, and data operators such as greater than, less than, and equal-equals.

Unit 3:

Client side: classes and objects

This topic's all about the anatomy of a class, which includes learning about the different types of classes, methods inside them, objects, object attributes, and the differences between "private" and "public".

Unit 4:

Writing classes and objects

Expanding on unit 3, we'll be talking about how to write classes, including method and object creation. We'll also learn about variable scope and java keywords.

Unit 5:


In this topic, we'll be talking about array creation, for/while loops with arrays, array fields, the for-each loop, and common array algorithms you should know.

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